Super Zombie Hunter

Super Zombie Hunter 1.15

Super zombie sniping


  • Challenging
  • Great gameplay
  • Interesting art style


  • Ads can be distracting


Super Zombie Hunter is a shooter game where you shoot zombies while taking into account distance and wind speed to kill.

The visuals in Super Zombie Hunter are very specific to Evil-Dog Production's games, but it has a Flash visual style that fits perfectly. Super Zombie Hunter has a lot of interesting bullet animations when they hit zombies, and it is possible to shoot off limbs. You are also given a bow to shoot arrows with, and they react differently than the rifle you normally can use.

Containing multiple game modes, Super Zombie Hunter is a lot of fun to play because you have to aim precisely to kill the zombies. The game allows you to take your time to really consider the different variables to complete the different challenges. Super Zombie Hunter also contains achievements so if you shoot off a limb or even the jaw of a zombie, you earn different trophies.

Using the touchscreen to aim is a little difficult, but Super Zombie Hunter shows you the last shot you made so you can easily readjust your aim.

Super Zombie Hunter is a great game that tests your ability to consider the environment before killing zombies.

Super Zombie Hunter


Super Zombie Hunter 1.15

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